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The use of the tassel (and its status) on the school caps appears to have changed over time. So far the story appears to look like this

Pre 1951. (Inputs from Michael Boon)
Sub-prefect - braid on either side of front panel
Prefect - braid along all panels
Colours - tassel for rugby, alternate white panels for cricket and nothing for athletics Read More...

Caps, My First Day

School Bus
My first day at the Minster Grammar School started by leaving home at 07.45 and walking a mile in my brand new blazer and cap to catch a bus to Southwell. I came from a Secondary Modern School at 13+ and had NO choice of where I was going. This was a day that would influence the rest of my life. I asked one of the others if I had to wear my cap on the bus. If you want was the reply. Read More...