Tour of Minster School

For those who have not been inside the New Minster School, never mind a proper tour by the current head Canon Blinston, you have missed a rare treat. It is frankly huge, architecturally inspiring, full of technology and best of all, even on a Saturday morning, was full of bustle, music and people enjoying themselves. To do it justice would need a small book but here are a few things that will stick in my memory
  • The 'main street' (see the photos when you get to them) has the same width at the distance between the main pillars in the Minster and has the same soaring feeling as the nave
    The role is more than 1600 with a waiting list to joint in the JD department main school and sixth form (400 kids here)
    The JD and sixth forms are 'schools within a school' that are integrated but at the same time have separate entrances and facilities
    A medium size theatre (one of several) with seating that rolls out of the walls
    The school has a low carbon foot print with ventilation being natural forced (if that not a contradiction) and it works
    Wireless networks covering everywhere including the sports fields
    Fantastic music facilities
    They have more computers than you can shake a stick at
    Medical facilities (complete with stop smoking posters)
    It is so big though that the school has never got everyone together yet for one event
  • The Minster nave will only hold half the school with good sight lines
  • The school also works on a house principle to create more focused communities
If all that doesn't make a lot of sense then look at the photos of the tour and see for yourselves