A few years ago a small group toured the Old Grammar School and we were keen to repeat the event. We had been informed that the building is now a mixture of public spaces, conference facilities and private offices. The building is not in its original form and we would not have access to all the rooms but we were still keen to see if a few ghosts would still linger. The architect, who designed and managed the conversion, is Alan Wahlers Charted Architects (01623 882715) who was giving up his own time at the weekend to show us around.

We had arranged to meet 2.45 for 3.00 and by 3.00 we had about 12 old boys and girls assembled in the schoolyard. We spent about 50 mins in the old building including a 15 min video that was actually more about the Minster than the school but it all added to the experience.

The verdict was it was a pity that we could not get into more rooms and in particular the Head Masters Study but a few ghosts did remain in the Junior Department. You can see the photos but to be honest they did not do the place justice you have to go an experience for yourself. See photos

In the evening the Reunion Dinner for 2011 took place; read more..